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Gastrozon is Nimbin Lifestyle's gastronomic stamp, that gathers the already classic Nimbin restaurant of Molins de Rei, with our new proposal, La Bernarda. An adventure that we began in 2006 and has been growing vertiginously: the small teahouse that we opened has given way to much wider concepts, but enthusiasm and energy continue to be our engine. Thank you for being part of this story.

Nimbin Lifestyle came to light after a travel through Australia that changed our lifes and our way to understand the gastronomy. Avoiding formalities and etiquette, we wanted to create a place with its own character, a parenthesis, where everyone finds a place to eat and drink well. In a singulare space, marked with strong character and with temporary exhibitions on the walls.
With La Bernarda we bring you back to the classic tavern. Those mythical veteran spaces made of wood and marble, tiled walls and paper napkins on the floor, where the conversations get mixed and people eats on their foot, sharing small portions and anecdotes.
At Byron Bay we spin the poke bowl our own way, starting with a base of rice, quinoa, couscous or lettuce of your choice. From there, we add the protein, mixes, sauces, sides and dressings of your choice for a healthy meal made entirely by you.

In Gastrozon we offer fully-organized events in any of our spaces, with the aim of guaranteeing the satisfaction and happiness of our clients. Through our cooking we create the best atmosphere for an unforgetable experience. Contact us in: